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Immunizations for Adolescents

July is Adolescent Immunization Month

Governor Roy Cooper has signed a proclamation, declaring July 2020, Adolescent Immunization Awareness Month.

Recommended Schedule

The complete list of vaccines and the ages at which children ought to receive doses of vaccine is called a vaccine schedule. You can find the immunization schedule for adolescents and a catch up immunization schedule for children and adolescents here:

Required vs. Recommended in North Carolina

All adolescents in North Carolina are required to be vaccinated against:

The CDC also recommends children be vaccinated against the following diseases, although immunization against these diseases is not required for children in North Carolina:

School Entry

In North Carolina, vaccination records are checked when a child is enrolled in a child care facility or school. Children are not allowed to attend school (whether public, private or religious) or a child care facility unless they have received all immunizations appropriate for their age.

Immunization records are checked at the following times:

Certain exemptions to North Carolina’s Immunization Law are allowed.

Additional Resources: