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North Carolina Immunization Branch

The N.C. Immunization Branch promotes public health through the identification and elimination of vaccine-preventable diseases like polio, hepatitis B, measles, chickenpox, whooping cough, rubella (German measles), and mumps. In 2001, the Branch incorporated an adult education component into the program to raise awareness of the agelessness of immunizations.

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We are bringing the Vaxx Facts newsletter back. The new Spring 2020 edition

Immunization Branch Contacts

The Immunization Branch within the Women's and Children's Health Section of the Division of Public Health continues to be open for business during the COVID-19 Pandemic response. We understand many businesses are practicing social distancing as recommended by CDC to limit the number of employees within the workplace and maintain a healthy work environment. During this time, providers may continue to place vaccine orders; however, please do not place an order if your office vaccine coordinator or back-up coordinator will not be available to accept orders, or if your office will close within the next two weeks.

Reminder, if you have storage and handling questions, please contact our storage and handling staff at (919) 707-5574. Please leave a message if you do not reach anyone and someone will return your call as soon as possible. You may also find additional storage and handling resources on our website ( Storage Resources). If you have a clinical question, please call our clinical nurse on-call number at (919) 707-5575. Please leave a message if you do not reach anyone and someone will return your call as soon as possible. If you need assistance with a vaccine order, vaccine inventory questions or questions about the North Carolina Immunization Registry (NCIR), please contact our Helpdesk number at (919) 707-5588 and leave a message or send us your question by email at You may also contact your regional nurse ( RIN map) or regional immunization consultant ( RIC map) if you need assistance.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. We will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible.

For the latest information about COVID-19 in North Carolina, please see Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Response in North Carolina.

2020 Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedule

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) approved the 2020 Recommended Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedule for Ages 18 Years or Younger. The 2020 child and adolescent immunization schedule summarizes ACIP recommendations, including several changes from the 2019 immunization schedule, and can be found here 2020 Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedule.

Flu resources from CDC

Getting your flu shot, find out how to avoid shoulder injury with intramuscular injections here!

Vaccine Administration: As influenza season approaches and mass flu programs may be occurring in your jurisdiction, now is a great opportunity to remind providers to ensure staff who provide vaccines know how to do them right. ISD has developed tools for our awardees and partners to share with members of their health care community. These products educate and remind providers about proper influenza (flu) vaccine administration technique to help avoid shoulder injuries and other adverse events. The materials include links to comprehensive vaccine administration information, a short video on the correct technique for intramuscular injection, an infographic on administering flu vaccine to an adult, and a link to our vaccine administration e-Learn.

2019-2020 Flu Resources

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