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North Carolina Immunization Program (NCIP) Requirements

Storage and Handling

Use these resources to properly store and handle state-supplied vaccine

Note: There has been an adjustment in CDC’s guidance on the Fahrenheit temperature range for storing refrigerated vaccines to align with guidance from the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), a scientific organization that sets federally recognized quality standards for food and drugs.  By adjusting the  Fahrenheit temperature range of 36°F–46°F (previously 35°F–46°F), CDC is ensuring that its Fahrenheit temperature range does not conflict with the package inserts of any routinely recommended vaccines . The Celsius temperature range (2°C–8°C) remains unchanged, as stated in all manufacturer package inserts for routinely recommended vaccines.  The North Carolina Immunization Program has updated all storage forms (including temperature logs) to reflect this change.  Effective immediately, please begin to use this new guidance for storing refrigerated vaccines. Vaccines previously stored at 35°F–46°F does not need to be discarded and CDC does not recommend revaccinating patients who may have received vaccine stored at 35°F. 

Vaccine Management Plans and Best Practices

Temperature Monitoring Tools



Updated: November 1, 2018