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Health Care Providers

Free Resources for Clinicians to share with Patients

Click on each item to view a PDF version and print a copy.  If you’d like to order free copies of items use this order form.

General Audience

Flu Prevention Tips flier in English and Spanish (PDF, 1.10 MB)

I got my flu vaccine stickers (PDF, 82 KB)*


Lifetime Immunization Card (DHHS 1065) (PDF, 230 KB)

Recommended Immunization Schedule (English & Spanish) (PDF, 232 KB)   

Childhood Immunizations Q&A (English) (PDF, 2 MB)

Childhood Immunizations Q&A (Spanish) (PDF, 3 MB) *

Reminder Postcards for Infants (English) (PDF, 1.00 MB)

Reminder Postcards for Infants (Spanish) (PDF, 1.99 MB)

Children in Childcare What Shots Do They Need flier (PDF, 803 KB)*

Freddy Fox coloring book (PDF, 928 KB)

Be a Germ Stopper Flu poster (PDF, 2 MB)

Hallmark Greeting Card for New Parents (PDF, 224 KB) (Available for Birthing Hospitals Only)*

Resources from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia:

Aluminum in Vaccines* (English, Spanish, Japanese) external link

The Facts about Childhood Vaccines* (English, Spanish) external link

Thimerosal* (English, Spanish) external link

Too Many Vaccines* (English, Spanish) external link

Influenza* (English, Spanish) external link

Vaccines and Autism* (English, Spanish) external link

Vaccine Ingredients* (English, Spanish) external link

Recommended Immunization Schedule* (English, Spanish) external link

*- Copies cannot be ordered from NCIP.


Crush the Cough poster (whooping cough awareness) (PDF, 438 KB)*

Parent Education flier: HPV (PDF, 467 KB) *

HPV brochure (For young girls 11-18 years) (PDF, 640 KB) *

*- Copies cannot be ordered from NCIP.


Adult Vaccination Record (wallet size) (DHHS 4040) (PDF, 81 KB)

Adult Vaccines Know What You Need flier (PDF, 688 KB)

College Students Get a Flu Vaccine poster (PDF, 692 KB) *

HPV brochure (For women 19-26 years) (PDF, 726 KB) *

Stop the Cycle of Hep B from Mom to Baby stickers (PDF, 27 KB)*

Vaccines for Childcare Workers poster (PDF, 3.51 MB)

Health Care Workers Get a Flu Vaccine flier (PDF, 1.14 MB)

Long Term Care Workers Get a Flu Vaccine poster (PDF, 2.24 MB)

Reasons NC Health Care Workers Didn't Get a Flu Shot Poster (PDF, 923 KB) *

Post-Campaign Assessment Worksheet (PDF, 32 KB) *

Shingles Vaccine poster (PDF, 326 KB)

*- Copies cannot be ordered from NCIP.

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