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North Carolina Immunization Branch

Health Care Providers

Free Resources for Clinicians to Share with Patients

Some resources are available for direct shipment. If you’d like to order free copies, please fill out this order form. The order form is operable in all internet browsers.

Immunization Specific Resources

Resources for Babies

School or Child Care Entry Resources

Resources from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Aluminum in Vaccines* (PDF, English, Spanish, Japanese)

The Facts about Childhood Vaccines* (PDF, English, Spanish)

Thimerosal* (PDF, English, Spanish)

Too Many Vaccines* (PDF, English, Spanish)

Influenza* (PDF, English, Spanish)

Vaccines and Autism* (PDF, English, Spanish)

Vaccine Ingredients* (PDF, English, Spanish)

Recommended Immunization Schedule* (PDF, English, Spanish)

*- Copies cannot be ordered from NCIP.

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Updated: February 14, 2018