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Child Care Facilities

All children in North Carolina must be vaccinated against certain diseases. Immunization records are checked when a child enters a child care center.

By This Age: Children Need These Shots:
3 months 1 DTaP 1 Polio 1 Hib   1 Hep B  
5 months 2 DTaP 2 Polio 2 Hib   2 Hep B  
7 months 3 DTaP 2 Polio 2-3 Hib   2 Hep B  
12-16 months 3 DTaP 2 Polio 3-4 Hib 1 MMR 2 Hep B 1 Var+
19 months 4 DTaP 3 Polio 3-4 Hib 1 MMR 3 Hep B 1 Var+
4 years or older (in daycare only) 4 DTaP 3 Polio 3-4 Hib 1 MMR 3 Hep B 1 Var+
4 years and older (and in kindergarten) 5 DTaP 4 Polio 3-4 Hib 2 MMR* 3 Hep B 1 Var+

*The 5th DTaP; 4th Polio; and 2nd MMR are not required until children enter kindergarten. The last DTaP must be after age 4.

**Children beyond their 5th birthday are not required to receive any Hib vaccine.

+Varicella (chickenpox) vaccination is required unless documentation of disease history exists. Acceptable documentation is a letter from the child’s parent, legal guardian or physician stating approximate date or age of child’s infection.

Required vs. Recommended

North Carolina law requires children receive certain vaccines. But in order to be fully protected from vaccine-preventable diseases, children should receive all immunizations recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Vaccines to protect against the flu, meningitis, rotavirus and others are available. Learn more on the Immunizations for Children page.

Child Care Operator's Responsibility

The child care facility maintains on file immunization records for all children attending the child care facility, which contains the information required for a certificate of immunization. When a child transfers to another child care facility, the facility where the child previously attended must, upon request, send a copy of the child’s immunization record, at no charge, to the child care facility or school to which the child has transferred. The child care operator must complete and submit annually to the N.C. Immunization Branch the Annual Child Care Immunization Report. This report is due to the N.C. Immunization Branch on December 1st of each year.


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