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Child Care Facilities

All children in North Carolina must be vaccinated against certain diseases. Immunization records are checked when a child enters a child care facility. North Carolina law requires all children in the state to receive certain immunizations. Records are checked when children enter school or child care.

Annual Immunization Reports

The annual immunization reporting process for child care is getting an update!

The reporting process is permanently moving to January. Packets will be mailed to your facility mid-January and the report will be due mid-March. Further instructions will be forthcoming in the immunization reporting packets. We hope that you find the new process easier to complete.

Please discard all unused copies of previous versions of the report. We will not be accepting any copies of the previous report going forward.

For more information about this change, please read the memo below. If you have questions or do not receive this memo by Thanksgiving 2016, please contact the Immunization Branch at 919-707-5558.


Q: Why is this report required?
A: Child care facilities are required by law [G.S. 130A-155(c)] to submit the requested information annually. It is also a licensing requirement. You will be contacted if the report is not received on time.

In the case of an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease, this report will also help identify the children who are most at-risk for contracting the disease.

Q: What happens if a parent does not submit their child’s immunization records within 30 days of attendance? 
A: The child should be excluded from attending child care until their records are submitted.


Information on vaccination requirements and other resources can be found on our Child Care Requirements page.