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Annual Required Immunization Reports - Public Schools

Every year, all public, charter and federal schools are required to report the immunization status of their kindergarten and sixth grade students, according to G.S. 130A-155(c) and 440. The purpose of these reports is to ensure all children enrolled in North Carolina schools are protected against vaccine-preventable diseases and to determine the number of children who meet state immunization requirements.

All schools MUST submit their annual reports (both kindergarten and 6th grade) online. Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below for tips on online reporting.


Online reporting form for kindergarten click here.

Reporting tools

7th grade

Online reporting form for 7th grade click here.

Reporting tools


Q: What do we do if we cannot access the webpage to enter our immunization report?
A: We have provided a test link to see if your computer system is set up to view the online report.  Please click the link here (Do not type it in):
If you see the test report then your system will access the online immunization report.  If you are not directed to the test report, then you could check with your IT support to see if the webpage is blocked but they can allow you access.  If it continues to be a problem, please contact us at

Q: How do we submit online reports when the central office wants to collect all reports and then mail them in together to account for all of the schools in our district?
A: If the central or district office would like to ensure that all reports are submitted, then a few suggestions to continue to meet that need:

  • Have someone at the central/district office submit the reports online.
  • Have each school print their electronic receipt after submitting their report and send that to the central/district office.
  • Have each school send their working paper copy of the report to the central/district office but still submit their information online at each school.

Q: How do I print my online report?
A: To print each page as you take the survey, you can click the Print icon or select the Print option from your web browser's File menu. It is not possible to go back to previous pages and print them once you have clicked the Submit button.

If you would like to discuss this process please send us an email at


Information on vaccination requirements and resources for communicating with parents can be found on our Resources for Schools page.